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Aldous Huxley in his book Ends and Means states "...Everyone wants peace but few are willing to do what is necessary to achieve it...":

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Half a century ago computer intelligence, relative to animal and human capabilities rated between a tapeworm and an earwig but an interesting comparison was made*:

 “tapeworms and computers have some interesting points in common. In the first place both are relatively immobile – the tapeworm just sits there attached to the intestine, while the computer just sits …[in].. its air conditioned room. Both are fed by things that are not tapeworms or computers, and can therefore be classified as parasitic”
Hatch (1979) * ISBN: 0-671-42184-0 Pg.195  

Advertisers report that AI now has increased in IQ to human capacity, but the question remains…has it become a more effective tool, or a more efficient parasite.

For the media addict this question is critical, In order to discern if media is life-enhancing or dis-ease inducing.

It is suggested that personal media usage be tabulated and categorized in terms of priorities,  just as time management  or spending tables are used for planning. If a library of material is sitting and occupying space ….how much does that space cost to maintain. More to the point how much life energy and time is being consume by junk media i.e.: meds, plug-in drugs, anti-nutrients …what are you getting for your investment? Health or Dis-ease?


Maternal Health - New Title(s):

Procreating Ourselves to Death (t.m.)

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"The greatest violence against women, on a par with rape, are myths perpetuating enforced procreation and disinformation on the availability of free and natural herbal birth control."

The greatest violence against women and children, on a par with rape and sexual abuse, is the irresponsible procreation encouraged via mass media and obsolete laws in large parts of the planet today. This is brought about through disinformation on the availability of free and natural herbal birth control. We do not have an energy crisis or a climate change crisis; we have a population crisis. And yet no attempt to discuss the taboo subject of global population reduction and the way it can be achieved through the sophisticated education of women and children has been made.

The Virtual Free University's experimental e-journal (Media Free Times) pioneered in 1972 conceptualization for remote learning, via " multimedia periodicals " (now known as "web pages") and developed prototypes for systems, has been de-designing IT, data management and analytic functions for information architecture, which achieves the prioritization of education in procreative hygiene. This was created in anticipation of the development of mobile app technologies. Thanks to the rapid global spread of smart phones, even in the poorest countries on earth, there was promise that education via mobile app technology could enable the global community to begin to reverse population growth by disseminating and restoring the knowledge required to practice herbal birth control. Thus our educational system could prevent children from having children.

However these channels are now already cluttered with the same advertising pharmaceutical,junk food and petrochemical agendas of the mainstream media that has been blocking alternatives from day one, so that the original and perhaps only remaining option is the restoration of the ancestral wisdomof the procreative hygiene of the indigenous peoples (i.e.: Han,Tibetan, RainLander,Ojibway,just to mention a few,that are now far below minus ZPG)via the oral traditions to the rest of humanity,that has overgrown their boundaries and lost contact with the laws of nature, so that all those that are now burdening spaceship earth with their numbers would be compelled by this wisdom to reduce their size to that of the indigenous peoples. Only then would we have a return to the garden of sustainability.

Unfortunately this process will not be effective enough, we are already in the beginning stages of an irreversible ecological apocalypse. To facilitate this change we will need new directions in the governance of our foreign policies and interfaith dialogue to arrive at a universal praxis on the issues of Maternal Health and Natural Knowledge.

The Virtual Free University Think Tank has been working on these problems for half a century and is offering a foundation course in Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery to developing thesis for print and documentary educational and mass media programming to promote public awareness and participation in these questions.


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