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V.F.U.* Foundation Course in Ethics and Technology, AKA "Applied Technethics"

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"Artificial Ignorance" : "AdBan" - "Getting Out of The Technological Chair" - The continuation of the interactive work in progress by George Kasey: " MEDIA ANONYMOUS - Meditations Series "

(c)2004 "Media Free Times" Vol. 31 # 1 - by George Kasey - All world rights reserved


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"Save The Children" & "Minus Zero Population Growth Now "




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Lecture Notes:

"The Matrix” is not a metaphor but a reality...

Getting Out of The Technological Chair



The Bread and Circus Technological Matrix Happened a Long, Long Time Ago is not a myth, but the reality we live in - "wake up and smell the gasoline" :

"THIS" is not a film review of "The Matrix":

© 2006 by George Kasey et al - all world rights reserved

It is commonly accepted, according to pop-media, that William Gibson introduced the title for the film trilogy The Matrix in his science fiction novel Neuromancer. In fact the term had already been previously used by J. K. Galbraith in his seminal dissertation The New Industrial State. In reference to the condition of the technologically dominated - what S.P.R. Charter referred to as - "Man-Machine", in an overpopulated world. The concept was reiterated indirectly, in the Club of Rome projections released in 1972, in The Limits of Growth.

Inspired by this zeitgeist, George Kasey rendered this concept as a feature film thesis, in his nadaistic science surrealism supplement, The Programmer in early editions of his pioneering work, in what are now referred to as WebPages and E-Journals or E-Zines - Media Free Times -"…the worlds first multi-media periodical random sampling of experimental communications art". It may well have been that on some summer night in Vancouver, in a discourse - with complete disregard for the copyrights on personal intellectual property- that this very embryonic idea may have been communicated to a group of young "cyberpunks." The purpose of the Nadaism for George Kasey was to "get the message out there" and as in the case of the work of S.P.R. Charter, in the aftermath of the taboo against minus zero population growth theories, there has been some very marginalized success. Let us examine some of the reasons for this?

To "get the message out there" Here is a another version of thesis Ido Ahrtugazaon :

Recent volumes of Media Free Times are available on:

According to a Plot Summary for "The Matrix" on the IMDB, " the near future, computer hacker … discovers that all life on Earth maybe nothing more than an elaborate facade created by a malevolent cyber-intelligence, for the purpose of placating us while our life essence is "farmed" to fuel the Matrix's campaign of domination in the "real" world. He joins like-minded Rebel warriors … in their struggle to overthrow the Matrix."

Second DRAFT:

The reality is that "The Matrix" has been in full effect since 1948 (Orwell's "1984") and originated as the "Babylonian Woe" centuries ago. The "way out" according to the military industrial dis-ease establishment agenda Hollywood version is with drugs, computers, S&M culture of weapons and violence. The "health food" in the real world is depicted as glop and the way back in, is by "jacking in", that "you like so much". To quote another Sci-Fi film character, "jacking in, is like jacking off".

In a true "underground", the true fictional caracter in "the programmer" would know the reality of being off the grid, alone, passive un-warrior like, continue to self originating volumes of material, to get people out of the media monopoly technological chair via "self awareness", since the 50's. Files no one reads or has access to. He gets told often to stop "lecturing" about taboo sujects i.e.:"herbal birth control" v. the "farming of humanity" and although he advocates the abolition of copyright and patent laws, he cannot defend his intellectual property from being corrupted by "The Matrix". Perhaps Just another luminary on the milky way of Buddha's, Vishnu incarnations; Bodhisattva, Messiah; that from the time of Buddha / Jesus - Spartacus of Nazareth, who all warned of the bondage of KaliJuga - age of materialism. Unlike the commercialized version of drug addicted warrior Morpheus, who is the cloned negation of the first true "rebels" i.e.: the renunciates, mystics, prophets, sufis, yogis, protestants,hip and heretical "fools"(clowns).

Fortunately "The Matrix" is built on fraud and the foundation will not sustain its edifice. Unfortunately there could be another ice age before the planet returns to day one of The Kingdom -"Happy, Joyous and Free".

Citizens, have lost their minds long ago in the addiction manufacturing machines, think that they are aware and "breathing real air". They think that by sponsoring some agency for environmental change, or getting work in a third world mission, that they are acting as free agents and that they are somehow having an effect on "the system". As Chomsky has pointed out in his "Manufacturing Consent", they used to crucify and now are more sophisticated. In this case "The Matrix" Trilogy is a classic example of this process. People actually vicariously can act out their emancipation from the technological chair, while still sitting in it. They can feel like in the "feely" in Huxley's "Brave New World" that they are participating in a revolution, or a peace march, or a strike, when in fact they have not even left the embryo of their couch, car, or office chair.

..."True Nature Religions" are the antithesis of "Satanic Hollywoodism"

To understand the psychological S&M pathology of the Military Industrial Religionist's Technological Chair of Media Mind Control see :


The symbolic representation "The Chair", of this delusional mind set is well depicted in the films like "Dark City". Although one would have to stretch the subtext in this picture to arrive at a message for "AdBan"...

A slide

of a frame made from the video, polarizing effects due to blocking code, is from the scene where the victim emerges into the "virtual" light of illumination from the darkness of oppression and bondage by Ad People...I'm really stretching here for meaning in the sub text.

"The City" is even more metallic and the message of bondage more homogenized, in "The Matrix". The theme of heroes "hand cuffed in the chair" is repeated in countless films...the spectator vicariously escapes along with them, but not from the real "Matrix" is not likely that it was the so called "pagan savages", committed "human sacrifices" attributed to them, but rather more likely it is the "spin agents", that generate the high profit, "Lions v. Christians", type of acts in the Roman Circuses of media. Then as now, money talks and "show biz" walks and you can see where it is walking too and you do not need to go there. "We are free to sleep under bridges" after all.

Read more on how to get out of "The Technological Chair" in the:

Media Free Times - Artificial Ignorance series

Stay Free

George Kasey


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