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Think of it as a Game*:

Welcome to The Brave New World. In 1972 Media Free Times - proposed the thesis that the matrix of techno-domination is not a metaphor but is the reality created by the "farming of humanity". In 1999 the Military - Industrial - Governmental - Media Monopoly complex created "The Matrix" trilogy, as war propaganda, to disguise this fact. You are looking at the front end of a portal out of Techno-bondage

... no "red or blue pills" here.

The interactive deschooling tools for emancipation available on this site are not intended, or indexed for linear modality. Self actualization will require time and patience, with your self and your mentors. The unedited first draft material is presented here by the designer(s) in the form of philosophical "random samplings" in a Meditation Labyrinth of fragmented but interconnected information architecture. We urge you to question all that you see, here as well and to take only what is useful and abandon the rest. As would a crew, preparing for an escape from a high tech penal colony.

Although these interactive systems of learning, or unlearning, have been time tested and in some cases are very ancient, do not expect an easy ride out of your technological embryo.

There is no cult, or imperial religion, or academic assembly line you will be able to hide out in here.

There are no fixed ideas and no fixed abodes here. If you heed your Higher Power, your intuition -"follow your bliss" - it will take you home -"back to the garden".

In the beginning the feeling of freedom may be overwhelming ...you will get used to it, but it might not be easy.

You are no longer alone.



© 1972-2007 Media Free Times -established 1972 - periodical multi-media random sampling of anarchic experimental communications design and technethics - v.32 n. 1 - Peacemaker Virtual Free University - All World Rights Reserved


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* Philosophical Game Theory


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