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a 12 Step Recovery Program for War Addict, their Friends and Families


The only requirement for membership is the desire to live in peace.




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…the Mystery of God* works in our lives

(* for the Atheist that can be a G.ood O.rderly D.irection)


One day at a time we live in peace.


We have all at one time or another attempted to write our own version of-the Twelve Steps


for our program. Now that we have arrived at the crossroads and realize that "half measures availed us nothing" we are prepared to accept and use as a guideline the interpretation of the twelve steps that has been well worked out in The Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions of Alcoholics Anonymous. We are now prepared to take certain steps and practice these principles...:


First: We get rigorous honesty with ourselves and accept our “powerlessness”


Second: “come to believe that, a power greater than ourselves, can restore us to sanity”, we then


Third: are able to “turn our will (to be peacemakers, or do-gooders whatever) and our lives over to a G_D of our understanding ”praying ONLY for his/her/it’s will for us and the power to carry it out”


There are good reasons why we have need not deviate from the original wording of the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. We suggest that you consider these points:


The principle of surrender in the third step,  is the essential core of 12 step recovery …unlikely as it may seem, it means that we abandon all our strategies even to make peace, all our desires to play God and compel others towards the process of peace …including nations, corporations, societies or individuals …this type of thinking and the hubris of our false ego’s here is in fact the problem, the disease itself and not the solution and has gotten us nowhere in the past.


…As long as we behave like all the co-dependent enablers, that have dubbed themselves “peacemakers”, that came before us, trying to get others to comply with our version of peace …there will be war. We need to “get off the center of the universe” in order for there to be universal peace and unless we finally “hit bottom” and accept that all our efforts to fix others, all the money and time and all our smarts have gotten us nowhere

we will not know peace.


The maxim “Peace Begins at Home” means that World Peace is arrived at only through Inner Peace.


Any one who has had codependent experience trying to “fix an addict” knows the futility of this effort. The experience of Psychiatry and Religion will testify to this fact. We cannot even fix our selves, let alone someone who is suffering from the sadomasochistic pathology of war, who is an adrenaline addict and a megalomaniac and most probably also an adult child that suffers from multiple addictions.


The principle in the third step of complete surrender to a higher power means we give up making war by learning tolerance

even for the disease of war makers.


The Twelve Steps of WAR Addicts Anonymous and WarAnon begins with the statement the “…we are powerless over war…” This means that we have no power to recover from our addiction to War (adrenaline etc.), it does not mean that we go to war against war.




War Addicts Anonymous and War Anon for friends and family of war addicts since 1996






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