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The suggested foundation course:

Applied Technethics, De-Design and Human Ecological Recovery

The essential tools for intellectual survival in the 21st CE.

With the media ethicist George Kasey.

The foundation course is suggested for all students as a basic preparation for the methods used in a Socratic system of education. De-Schooling, is about unlearning, especially for those ...who may believe that they are somehow immune from the effects of the matrix, of the technology of media domination.


Foundation Course - Media Ethics and Human Ecological Recovery - part 140415:


update 140427 Video in Full:

View in Full Sceen mode ...the icon is hard to find but it is on the lower left hand coorner of the viewer...also the Camtasia 7 controls are confusing because they obscure the viewer control:

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date 140424:

 a~n~ & d~m~:

...the point of this exercise with copper wire and 56K Baud upload was to observe the difference between "efficiency" and "effectiveness" i.e.:"quantity" ("info overload") of the "weapons of mass distraction" and the "quality" of content and vital information that is drowned out by "THEM" (the new media monopoly)

To see what happens when we attempt to remove unessential data and squeeze our grass roots communication (the VFU* study) through the relatively free or inexpensive but technologically restricted channels the are accessible to the majority of the global population that lives below the poverty line, or the the rest of us who want to avoid creating debt load by feeding the bandwidth hogs and media trust violators.

Suggested reading for the course:

Jaques Ellul - "Propaganda" and "The Technological Society"

See Links:

i) Applied Technethics, De-Design and Human Ecological Recovery


ii) d~m~ update 100214 : Herbal Birth Control, Minus ZPG, Propaganda and Greeking in Media


World Population Growth

...click on the image link above of the "demographic J" ...notice on the site the opens that there is no information on the history, or use of free and natural herbal birth control i.e.: emmenagogues and that this information is repeatedly and universally missing from all Family Planning type programs. In fact the word is not in the lexicon of government health programs at all.


iv) Eve's Herbs: A History of Contraception and Abortion in the West ...


In Eve's Herbs, Riddle explores a new question: If women once had access to
effective means of birth control, why was this knowledge lost to them in modern world ...


v) Anti-Nutrients (Sucrose) Addicts Anonymous:


see also Adult Children of Alcoholics Anonymous:



vi) DOPE, INC. - lyndon larouche


DOPE, INC. Britain's Opium War Against the U.S. by a U.S. Labor Party.

...notice the factoids ...all good propaganda has facts


vii) VFU ThinkTank sessions with OCADU DwD:



140416 - Information architecture - process study for this courseware g~k~ notes:

... to work within the limits of copper wire /56k baud transmission we needed to remove most of the fluff and drastically reduce the size ...first we broke up the info into components ...separate essential from non essential data i.e.: audio from visual ...the single visual image of g~k~ <-> a~n~ tells most of the story of setting so that we separated the video track using Camtasia 6, that was used to transfer the analog from VOB to AVI for upload to WWW. So we have only one PNG image that tells the story.


The rest was in the audio that was of very poor quality because the mike was behind the speaker. We used noise reduction, got rid of the pops and clicks and increased the volume in Audacity then used the smallest audio file format, but the WMA zip file was still to large and Filezilla FTP file transfer via dial up to the server, kept cutting out and finally shut down.

...so today we have used WavePad sound editor to split the files and will attempt to compress the four parts via Bigsoft audio converter from WMA to MP3, usually the file sizes are larger in MP3, but this promises the reverse …why is this not public domain software ..."Free Speech?" ...we will see if the bootleg version works …this should be uploaded by next day.

…point is all this could have been designed to be done globally, automatically and for free, in 1972 for true “public access to public media” if we are really talking about "Free Speech".


part 1 forward this MP3 will be choppy in the beginning

part 2 forward ready today 140424

part 3 forward ready 140424

part 4 forward in process ... done.


The other, more time consuming alternative is to transfer from voice to text orally. Transmit the TXT file via HTML and then have the reader use text to voice to reconstruct. If we had used the microphone setup then a good Voice to Text software could render with about 60% to 80% accuracy to text directly from the audio voice recording. Careful phone recording with Voip could yield the same results and then transcripts could be easily posted on the study desks for the reverse Text to Voice reception. Similar compression <-> decompression was available even in analogue in the 50’s. We were experimenting with it and the use of sync pulse indexing and microforms in the ‘70’s with Media Free Times. But the idea of transmitting lectures to answering machines in high speed was too complicated for the public mediated hive mind brain and to cost effective to be promoted by media monopoly advertisers interested in extracting from the public purse.


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