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Hi Daniel:

We received your test e-mail and sent two replies via :


did you receive them? If not check in your junk mail folder ...for

some reason all our e-mail either does not get through or ends up in

the junk mail.

There are several people who need food from the VFU/Buroku Real Food

Buyers Club and to facilitate this we need to set up an interactive

HTML page on the Buroku web-site, so that they can scan the produce

catalogs and establish price per unit/weight etc.,your assistance

would be greatly appreciated and you can exchange time for food.

If you received the earlier e-mails you will notice that you have been

issued a student desk at the VFU and the shortened URL to access it is:


You Will be able to pick up assignments there and also at your New VFU

e-mail and FTP account:

Password is: **********

# FTP Username: dm@de-school.net

# Password: ********

# FTP Server: ftp.de-school.net

# FTP Server Port: 21

# Quota: unlimited MB

Please call ASAP to start on the Buroku web-page update.


gk/VFU>Buroku :-)

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> From: Daniel M~ [Subject: Testing the email, thanks for dinner]

> Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 10:03 AM

> To: info@vifru.org

> From: Daniel M~ []

> Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2009 10:03 AM

> To: info@vifru.org

> Subject: Testing the email, thanks for dinner

> > It's Daniel from yesterday I see you put the contact info on the main

> page now which made it much easier for me to make sure I had the right

> email. I think we could probably meet once a week for a few hours,

> since I have alot of things I have to organize in my life right now. I

> talked to my mom about the food yesterday and the wholesalers which is

> a good idea. Since I've been able to cut all my other living expenses

> except food.


>Hopefully this

> email goes through okay and you start getting some more communication through Virtual U.

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