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Who was this Zen Master?




Shunryu Suzuki:

Zen Mind Beginner's Mind

"One of the best, and most succinct introductions to Zen practice."— Library Journal

"...the point is not to be addicted to anything but to notice it when it comes and just let it go. why do I say this? Because all phenomena are impermanent and there is nothing in this world that you can hold on to. So, be mindful of it always remembering impermanence and inevitable separation with everything and everyone.

May we all be happy and free from suffering" bodhisattvaboy


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Re. your question about Positive Thinking <-> Quantum Physics:

1) see Earnest Holmes Science of Mind

A Complete Course of Lessons in the Science of Mind and Spirit

a link is available from the VFU* Suggested Course Readings Link:

2) Since of Mind is the machinery of positive thinking and it works to a point, just as auto- suggestion and hypnosis also work but the addict mind is different in this respect. Because of the addicts ingrained self destructive drives autosuggestion can only work for a short time.

3) For an evaluation of hypnosis and other techniques for the treatment see:

Alcoholism. Its Psychology and Cure: By Frederick B. Rea.

The book contains much information about the types that become addicted to alcohol, the physiology and metabolism of alcohol, and the cardinal signs and symptoms of the progress of the disease, alcoholism. The various treatments by creation of aversion are discussed. Some psychiatrists have been interested in those relatives of their alcoholic patients who suddenly stopped drinking without medical treatment in the years before Alcoholics Anonymous. Such cures always have included a revolutionary change, a sudden growth in the personality, something akin to a religious conversion. The author stresses the significance of religious conversion and reviews the familiar steps of participation in Alcoholics Anonymous. The movement is an interesting and powerful antibody in society against self-destructive drives of those addicted to the 'sweet poison'. Most patients suffering from alcoholism who come under psychiatric care in mental hospitals have tried Alcoholics Anonymous. All cc. of review ends here .....have an opportunity for long lasting recovery if they but give it a try.

4) See Also: Alcoholics Anonymous: Cult or Cure?


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When SuperMan discovered that he had a problem with Kryptonite, he went to Kryptonite Anonymous meetings and got a sponsor...


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