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1 The VFU Study Desk is a de-design of the rigid traditional academic structures,* interactive but without losing cohesion and continuity of integrity to our guiding principles?

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P.S.: …we do not take a “red or blue pill to get out of the matrix” here …”THIS” is not a “FREE & EZ” ride to freedom, but it works…

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When you get there you will see a courseware link for “email account” notice that it is a hyperlink and if you click on it you will find further instructions on how to get access to your private vifru email account, but here is a cc. of the updated version sent
Sat 12/10/2016 3:18 PM:

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When you have completed this basic interaction with ViFrU please send us a note for there. If you have any difficulty please reply to this email with any questions. Hope to be getting some email from you on our “ad free” bright side of the web soon.

Also I have already suggested that you download, move, and delete everything from et al from “xmail” the monster to this email address. You did this before can you remember how it is done? If not if you ask for a repeat instruction here it will be forth coming.

Stay Free.



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Subject: New ViFrU Study Desk for KatiGoil (k~g~) and Email instructions
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New ViFrU Study Desk access for KatiGoil:


Aloha k~ g~:

As per our phone conversation regarding The Virtual Free University email account access. Please note that after our systems have been compromised we have had to make a number of "security"  updates and policy changes to protect our intellectual property and the privacy of our members. In order to facilitate this for other members we will use the reactivated vifru study desk which is basically a virtual office that can be set up interactive like a personal account on your operating system only it is based on our servers. This will also facilitate peer to peer exchange of instructional material, applications, file transfer protocols, email addresses and subdomains, in short all the necessary technology for reciprocal interchange and true communications and freedom of inquiry based on mutual aid. We also use the 12 step principles as guidelines this process. So we can start with a moment of silence and the serenity prayer… ( the read replies will work on this email)

Note: we understand that you may have some difficulty with the idea of using “hyperlink” or opening attachments but to clarify this it may assist you to understand that practically every button that you press when using computers is a “hyperlink” pointing to some form of “attachment” or file, so do not be intimidated when you see the actual URL address in full. The purpose of the foundation course to familiarize the student mentor with the technology so that they can learn how to use it rather than have it use them. So let's begin the instruction so here are the updates:

The public now has access to the main page on:


However we have had to create subdomains for people who want to get involved with the learning exchange on and here is that subdomain URL address:

Please note that it takes you back to circa 2010 and we have removed all of the password locks so that navigation is relatively smooth. If you have any difficulty navigating please give us some clues so that we can address your questions.

The new Email addresses that we will be using for our members you will notice above in the “from” field is:

in order to have access to the student Commons main page here is the hyperlink. All right now if you remember now we had a study desk set up for “k~g~” see if you can find it in the study desk table, under the alias initials "k~g~”?:


If not here is the direct link:


And here is the created subdomain so that you can have direct access to it ( for now us the above link I am having difficulty setting this up and have to go to my alanon meeting now so please test all of the above and I will post the email access instructions session on your study desk after I have set up a password protection there)





However so that you don't have to go and type this mile-long address to get there here is the subdomain redirect URL address:



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