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Curcumin and Boswellia Compared to Arthritis Drug. Study to be presented at Osteoarthritis Research Society


Sept. 22, 2011 - Curcumin and Boswellia and Osteoarthritis

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GREEN BAY, WI, September 21, 2011— A combination of two patented herbal extracts, BCM-95 curcumin and BosPure boswellia, was judged superior to the prescription arthritis drug, celecoxib (the generic of the brand name ****** ) in a clinical study of osteoarthritis.1   

The study was presented at the Osteoarthritis Research Symposium International (OARSI) in San Diego on September 16, 2011. The abstract will be published in their proceedings. OARSI is the premier international organization for scientists and health care professionals focused on the prevention and treatment of osteoarthritis through the promotion and presentation of research, education and the worldwide dissemination of new knowledge.

The BCM-95 curcumin and BosPure boswellia combination at 500 mg twice daily was better than celecoxib 100mg twice daily in relieving pain, walking distance and joint line tenderness scores. It was equally effective as celecoxib in alleviating crepitus, and range of joint movements. Efficacy and tolerability of the herbal combination used in the current study was shown to be superior to those of celecoxib (NSAID) for treating active osteoarthritis.

Subjects in this 12 week study were randomized to two groups. One group received celecoxib, 100 mg, twice daily and the second group received a 500 mg blend of BCM-95 curcumin and BosPure boswellia twice daily.

“We chose to examine BCM-95 because it has over 7 times the bioavailability of plain curcumin. The BosPure boswellia has a standardization of 10% or more acetyl-keto 11 beta-boswellic acid (AKBA) and very low beta boswellic acid (<5%). This standardization greatly improves the anti-inflammatory activity. In combination, these herbs complement one another and are highly effective,” stated Dr. Benny Antony, co-author of the study.

“Long-term non-steroidal inflammatory drug (NSAIDs) use is associated with gastrointestinal, kidney, and cardiovascular risks. These drugs can be dangerous. Some examples of NSAIDs are ibuprofen, aspirin, naproxen, celecoxib and diclofenac sodium. Given the efficacy, safety and tolerability issues associated with NSAIDs, development of new agents to manage OA without adverse events is a major priority,” Dr. Binu Kuruvilla, co-author of the study.

At the end of the study, 93% of the herbal treated subjects could walk more than 1000 meters vs. 86% in the drug group. 93% of the herbal group reported improvement in or elimination of pain vs. 79% of the drug group. There were no serious adverse events in the study. There were no significant changes in kidney or liver function, vital signs, or hemogram measures.


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Thanks g~k~,  Good article - it seems.  I hope these folks are honest.  There is an obvious conflict of interest between their scientific goal and their commercial  goal. JacPhi


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….yes, Scientism at its best …welcome back …you will notice we did get rid of most of the logos from the article on your j~p~ study desk …VFU “policy”  and added a reply to p~j~ (same initials) with the DWD that who is doing some very fine work with “design for healthcare” and has a very active page for healthcare professionals, it is time you two met, so I’m sending a cc. to him also and he can tell you about his forum …



From p~j~:

This was an interesting find g~k~ – and thanks for the connection. There is a reprint of the published paper here: http://www.terrytalksnutrition.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/Goel+Chandran-PTR-2012.pdf 

And as both of the authors are Indian, and they ran the study in India as a pilot, it would seem the unspoken concept is that of Aryuvedic medicine. They say “curcumin is known to possess anti-inflammatory properties …” So they may be working Aryuveda into the literature, which is fine indeed.
 JacPhi, George is speaking of http://designwithdialogue.com which is a monthly dialogue community of practice that meets at OCAD. And the design for healthcare is an ongoing commitment in my research and teaching.



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Bcc MFT_VFU admin

Re.: Free Speech in the United Snakes of Las Vegas

A major part of our work in terms of our VFU technethics and human ecology course offering has been to demonstrate  that the path to human freedom is made clear in every major spiritual oral tradition, that all of them are rooted in the desire for recovery from domination before they are subsumed by the scientism of imperial religiosity. It is “confused and contentious” precisely because of the religionist mystification that upholds the self aggrandizement via the practice of slavery ( BDSM ) of these military industrial governmental disease establishment media monopolies.

Simply put in light of Huxley, we have a society of slaves that are addicts. Addiction is the highest and most complete form of slavery. A society addicted to Soma ( Anti-Nutrient Addiction i.e.: Sucrose et al ) , addicted to the “Feelies” ( Media Addiction )  and adrenaline ( War Addiction and Work Addictions and other process addictions ) .

We know the “clear” path to freedom, for recovery from addiction, from the new age spiritual traditions of the 12 Step programs, but even in these programs the “hooks are implanted” and the use of sucrose and caffeine are encouraged.

It is also clear then why our media antivirus memes, like our “rogue” 12 Step programs like “War Addicts Anonymous”, “Gasaholics Anonymous”, “Anti Nutrients Anonymous” and “Media Anonymous” and our not “in your face” attempts at “De-Schooling and De-Design”,  are “marginalized, quarantined, homogenized and then cloned” and so we remain the only true “portal out of the matrix” and the only true resistance to Big Mother ( the Web dominated by “THEM”)  at your service.  

Although it has been repeatedly broadcast that there is “nothing new under the sun” then why is 98% of our “stuff” ( copyrights and patents ) controlled by these military industrial governmental disease establishment media monopolies and not by the public who generated it all.  Not only do we have to pay “THEM” to make it and post it, but then the cloned versions are sold back to us.  We bust our backs to create new slants on everything out there 24/7 and “THEY” just “marginalize, quarantine, homogenize and then clone” it all and then tell us there is “nothing new under the sun”.

We are “new” …believe me, we are “new” and have been paying the price to be free and new for most of our years. So now it is time to let us speak in this so called “Free”  social site prison that we are in. For those that have ears let them hear.





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