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The Virtual Free University - virtual free University think E forum. Real-time application for accessing and analyzing visualizing de-schooling and de-design praxis. The world's first and oldest virtual free University think tank and learning exchange based on mutual aid commitment to  freedom of inquiry and media ethics.

“ The key to ending poverty, disease and war is peaceful population reduction i.e.: natural procreative hygiene…” George Kasey


The Virtual Free University - Think Tank

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Update 151008 - media ethics on editorial policies v. "letters to the editor"

1st & 2nd DRAFT - Media Ethics and Procreative Hygiene - pre-parliament of world religions presentation - update 150818

Free Birth Control for All - The Herbal Birth Control Information Awareness Network


Why seven billion inhabitants of the planet do not know about herbal emmenagogues


"...We do not have a climate crisis, we have a population crisis..."


Ban the Population Bomb


g~k~ <-> p~c~ dialogue

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Inside The OutSider - PDF

Inside The OutSider - Doc

update - 150807


Re.: “We conquer with the Sword of Truth and The Fire of Unconditional Love” - pre-parliament presentation studies continued - update 150706


Feature Film treatment - working title Emmenagogues

writer director producer


"..... reviewed your material and understand the importance of it...Thank you George" Penelope Cruz


More Greenwashing

Corporations and governments are missing the point in terms of Social Responsibility

Note: -ZPG is not applicable to indigenous peoples that have already been reduced to well below minus Zero Population Growth

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The Virtual Free University Think Tank

update 120225 Audio MP3


overpopulation and artificial ignorance

> DRAFT - Work In Progress -The Universal Free (Child) Youth Institute (t.m.)- Amendments to the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Children


update 120227 Audio MP3

DRAFT Screen Play Treatment for Comedy

Working Title :

Emmenagogues (t.m.)(Inc.)

A Live Action Motion Picture for Global Distribution



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Thinkers Who Write (LinkedIn group)



Nada Yoga - Nadaism





Theodore Roszak.pdf


Spies on Spies - random sampling from gopher space

BlueMarble audio MP3

BlueMarble machine transcript PDF


The Hermeneutics and the Phenomenology of Ersatz Imperial Religiosity and it's Effects on Human Ecology -  Clownz_notez - continued – update 150710
















Technethics Course Walkthrough - (under construction - technical problems)

Notes to the editor update 150706: The 5th step of Malleus Malefico the Sadist - ethics in a techno fascist reality

S.P.R. Charter - Chaos & Creativity - HTML

PDF/A (under construction)

The Religion of Money and ZPG

(hu)Man v Natural Design - The Dis-Ease Establishment Relation to ZPG

Lay Claim update 141206a

Lay Claim update 141206b

ChinaFamine update 141019

Herbal Birth Control v. Tree for Kids - update 110410

update 100507

update 100124

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