The PeaceMaker Virtual Free University

Job Title: editor / research assistant- understudy - profit sharing proposal

Ever had a burning desire to do something outstanding with your life.

Here is an opportunity for you to be part of a work that may impact millions of lives in a positive way.

We require an editor / research assistant intern to assist in the preparation of a thesis on recovery from media addiction and media ethics in technology.

The manuscript will be published on Amazon and later produced as a documentary series concerning media domination and its effect on global human ecology.

You must be willing to dedicated long hours to difficult work with no no pay, except you will recieve points. The workload equivalent would be two post graduate level study semesters at an accredited university.

You will be entitled to receive a share of the profits, letters of reference for your input, and be listed in the acknowledgments section of the work, or as a co-author. The terms are negotiable. Also you will be granted a study desk and membership at the Virtual Free University* and in the process of doing the work, will complete the foundation course in Technethics, offered at the VFU*.

This course is a unique and original approach to ethics in technology that will advance your skills in many fields such as critical and analytical thinking, media analysis and information architecture.

If you feel that you have a calling to engage in such a project, please give us a call:

Tel: 1-647-367-5956